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Piltown Fuels

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Premium Polish coal, smokeless coal, Anthracite, Coal Nuggets, Green Diesel, Kerosone, Heating Oil & Drums, Coal Bunkers, Patio Gas, Logs, Turf, Kindling & Gas, Propane & Butane.

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Call John on 051 643 633 / 087 2258884 or email us at info@piltownfuels.ie today.

Our Product Range

Polish Coal 40kg

Smokeless Coal 40kg

Stove Coal 40kg

Economy Coal 40kg

Household Coal 40kg

Coal Singles 40kg

Coal Slack 40kg

Highflame Coal 40kg




Heating Oil 20L

6kg Propane

Butane 11.34kg

Patio Gas

Green Diesel 25L

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Address: Brenor, Owning, Piltown, Co. Kilkenny Call 051 643 633 or 087 2258884 or use the form below

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Friday 9a.m.–8:30p.m.
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Monday 9a.m.–8:30p.m.
Tuesday 9a.m.–8:30p.m.
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Piltown Fuels